Firearms Law


At The Commercial Law Practice we understand that shooting as a sport is wide and varied, for some it is only a hobby and for others it is a major source of income and an intrinsic part of their way of life. Whatever your background or situation we are here to help you obtain a fair decision in what can be a very daunting, complex and convoluted area of law.

Leading our firearms department we have an internationally acclaimed shooter with full Team GB colours. Setting us apart from other firms we provide a personal service from shooters to shooters which allows us to understand the difficulties and intricacies faced under UK and European Firearms Law.

We provide advice, support and assistance on all civil matters and appeals as well as specific tailored business and corporate advice where firearms are involved as part of a sale or transaction. We also provide unique and specific advice to our private client department when firearms are involved in estates, wills and legacies. Whether you are an individual, a company, a registered dealer or importer or a beneficiary of an estate we are here to support you.

If you are looking to appeal a decision taken by the Chief Officer of Police in relation to your firearm or shotgun certificate then it is important to know that time limits are short with only 21 days initially to appeal a decision. Time is of the essence in such cases so please don’t delay and contact us today.

We can provide legal advice and assistance relating to:

  • Firearm & Shotgun Appeals, certificate revocations and refusals
  • Licensing and Certificate Applications or Variations
  • Challenging Unreasonable Certificate Conditions or Restrictions
  • Historic, Gallery, Sports and Theatrical Weapons
  • Emergency Permits, Police Permits, Visitor Permits and European Passports
  • Wills and Estates involving Firearms and Shotguns
  • Business and Company agreements involving dealers, firearms or shooting clubs
  • Conveyancing of shooting grounds or club buildings
  • Shooting rights and license agreements
  • Specific advice for Shooting Clubs, Auction Houses, Youth Groups, The Scout Association, Schools and Cadet Forces
  • Air Weapons, Imitation firearms and Airsoft

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